Recommended Reading


•Hell’s Best Kept Secret (Comfort) 

•God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life (Comfort) 

•The Way of the Master (Comfort) 

•The Ultimate Proof of Creation (Lisle) 

•Discerning Truth (Lisle) 

•Always Ready (Bahnsen) 

•Apologetics to the Glory of God (Frame) 

•The Diary and Journal of David Brainerd (Brainerd) 

•Tactics (Koukl) 

•Lectures to My Students (Spurgeon) 

•Telling the Truth (Carson) 

•Hard to Believe (MacArthur) 

•The Existence and Attributes of God (Charnock) 

•Knowing God (Packer) 

•The Holiness of God (Sproul) 

•The Doctrine of God (Frame) 

•The Attributes of God (Pink) 

•How Should We Then Live (Schaeffer) 

•Systematic Theology (Grudem) 

•The Forgotten Trinity (White) 

•The Person of Christ (MacLeod) 

•The Glory of Christ (Owen) 

•Through the Looking Glass (Lundgaard) 

•Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (Packer) 

•The Freedom of the Will (Edwards) 

•Thy Word is Truth (Young)  

•The Sufficiency of Scripture (Weeks) 

•Human Nature in its Fourfold State (Boston) 

•The Bondage of the Will (Luther) 

•Morning & Evening (Spurgeon)  

•Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions (Bennet) 

•Hunger for God (Piper) 

•Treatise on Law and Gospel (Colquhoun)  

•The Law & Its Fulfillment (Schreiner) 

•The Doctrine of Justification (Buchanan) 

•Justification by Faith Alone (Edwards) 

•Putting Amazing Back into Grace (Horton) 

•Redemption: Accomplished and Applied (Murray) 

•The Death of Death in the Death of Christ (Owen) 

•Saved by Grace (Hoekema) 

•Age of Opportunity (Tripp)  

•Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tripp) 

•Thoughts for Young Men (Ryle) 

•Francis Schaeffer Trilogy (Schaeffer) 

•New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? (Bruce)  

•Tell the Truth (Metzger)  

•Bruchko (Olson)  

•A History of Christian Missions (Neil)  

•Gagging of God (Carson) 

•Postmodern Times (Veith) 

•Truth Decay (Groothuis) 

•The Vanishing Word (Hunt) 

•Reclaiming The Center (Erickson, Helseth, and Taylor)  

•The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History (Curtis, et al)  

•Turning Points : Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity (Noll) 

•Darwin's Black Box (Behe) 

•Introduction to Philosophy (Geisler) 

•Life's Ultimate Questions (Nash) 

•The Consequences of Ideas (Sproul) 

•Longing to Know: The Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People (Meek)  

•Socratic Logic: A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions, and Aristotelian Principles (Kreeft) 

•Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography (Murray)  

•Jonathan Edwards (Marsden)  

•Wesley and Men Who Followed (Murray)  

•Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther (Bainton)  

•The Forgotten Spurgeon (Murray)  

•George Whitefield (Dallimore)  

•Foxe's Book of Martyrs (Foxe) 

•Practical Christianity (Wilberforce) 

•A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life (Packer)  

•The Puritans (Lloyd-Jones) 

•Politically Correct Death (Beckwith) 

•Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments (Alcorn) 

•Homosexuality (DeYoung) 

•Straight and Narrow (Schmidt) 

•Whatever Happened to Hell (Blanchard) 

•Disciplines of a Godly Man (Hughes) 

•Every Man’s Battle (Arterburn) 


GATE is primarily evangelistic, promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our main thrust in ministry is to be theologically sound with three goals in mind: 1) to preach the gospel, 2) to equip the saints to preach & defend the Gospel, and 3) to strengthen the local church.



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