October 2019

We started off the month with Jacob, Thomas, Maureen and David at Nicholls State University (NSU) in Thibodaux teaching on the source of morality. The question was asked, “Your rotten neighbor and your favorite dog are both drowning. Which one do you save?” Many of the students said, “My dog.”


The definition of Depraved Indifference was pointed out to them. If they let their rotten neighbor drown, who really was the rotten neighbor? It was them. The students were then taught about the source of absolute morality, which is God, and questioned about their eternal state. Most said heaven because they are a good person. Law and Grace were explained, and then Jesus Christ was proclaimed.


The same happened at Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) in Hammond two days later.

A week later, we had our team at Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) in Hammond teaching genetics, as explained from a biblical worldview. While there, David met Mike Indest from the radio program “Issues and Answers” of the radio station WSHO in New Orleans, LA. Mike stayed about 15 minutes as he was presented “One Race, One Blood.” Acts 17 says that we all come from one race, one blood. Despite what the federal government says, there is only one race of people, the human race. Many of the students that we presented this material to made comments like, “Hey, I learned something.”


The original draft of the Human Genome Project of 2000 says that every human being on the planet originates from a single set of parents. May we call them Adam and Eve. From there they were taught that because of sin, God wiped out all people and animals except those that were saved on Noah’s Ark. From there, repopulation started and 106 years later God scattered the peoples at the Tower of Babel, which is where we get the different cultures and people groups.


This was followed up with the gospel of Jesus Christ being proclaimed.


The following week we were back at Nicholls, but this time Thomas brought with him some of the youth from First Baptist Church, Golden Meadow. Overall we has 8 people at Nicholls. They distributed out many gospel tracts and the college students were gracious to them. This was followed up by lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

Members of First Baptist Church in Golden Meadow had a great time of fellowship together while cutting wood and pounding nails. At the end of the day we had just about completed a handicapped ramp for Lloyd. Prior to the end of the day on Friday, David shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with Lloyd. He maintained that he was a good person before God, though his knowledge of God was very limited. He said that he intended to go to FBC GM, and after a month, he still has not graced the doors of the church. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work on his heart before he dies.


Both Nicholls State and Southeastern Louisiana Universities are excellent places for challenging students with a biblical worldview. According to recent statistics, one-quarter of millennials are now professing atheists. Both universities are attended by members and affiliates of Grace And Truth Evangelism on a weekly basis. Mike Indest again showed up and came over to see how we were drawing so many students over for gospel centered conversations. We were teaching on the biblical history of Halloween and The Day of the Dead. With our flip chart, all we had to do with the students is point to the chart and ask, “What do you think?”


On Saturday was the French Food Festival at the Larose Civic Center. This place was packed with many people, and when we could find them just waiting around or sitting, they were key for being introduced to the God of the bible, and to Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.

That weekend we had members of our team in New Orleans for the public proclamation of the gospel starting three hours prior to the New Orleans Saints game. The gospel was preached for three hours, and hundreds of gospel tracts were distributed to the fans. This is in cooperation with Sports Fan Outreach International (SFOI). When we finished, we noticed that there were very few of our gospel tracts littering the street.


David received two hugs and Zoe had a Roman Catholic man approach him and ask him about salvation. Both got the privilege of open-air preaching the word of God.


Upon returning from New Orleans, we went to Community Bible Church to set up our booth to teach on Creation Science prior to the Trunk or Treat event. Over four hundred bags of candy and gospel tracts were handed out to the children, with a few conversations about Jesus Christ with the adults.


Why do we keep up such a pace?


Matthew 9:37 says, “Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”


Since we don’t know how much time the Lord has given to us, we must be about the job of a herald, proclaiming Jesus Christ while we can.


Until next month, Lord willing,


Fishers of men, until the nets are full,