October 2018

Wow! What a month.


On most Tuesdays of the month, our evangelism team of Seth, Thomas, Jacob, Jimmy, Maureen, Cindy, Toby, Asher and David go to Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA.

One of the things that we did to generate conversations with the students was to use some realistic toy chickens and ask the age old, philosophical question, “Which came first? The chicken or the egg? And why?”


The answers were all over the place.


The answers we received would tell us which worldview was stronger, either a biblical worldview or a secular worldview.

In the conversation with most students came up the topic of evolution.


When that came up, we would use logic, reason, and explain many laws of science to prove that evolution is not science, as there is no proof. A problem is that science (knowledge) requires experimentation and observation, which can’t be done with evolution. We can’t observe millions and millions of years, and there are no transitional species.


The Laws of Causality, cause and effect, state that their MUST be a first cause. May I suggest that, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” He created the birds on day five of creation week, and all of the animals on day six.




We also did some open-air preaching at Nicholls State University in front of the Student Union.


We gathered a crowd by giving away some cash in response to the students correctly answering some trivia questions. The first correct answer, the students gets a dollar. The second correct answer, two dollars, and then three, and then four.


Finally, the question is asked, “Who wants to go for twenty dollars? I need someone who thinks that they can prove to me that they are a good person. No Christians! I need good people.”


A young woman got up on the box, the good person test was administered, and she failed miserably.


However, salvation in Jesus Christ is a free gift. All you have to do is to receive it, just like this twenty dollars.


The gospel of Jesus Christ was presented to her and to a crowd of about two hundred students.


She took the twenty dollars, as well as some Christian literature.




The Lockport Bayou-side Park held their annual Halloween candy giveaway for the children.


This is a safe place for the kids to receive a bagful of candy, but also an opportunity for them to receive some gospel tracts for their souls.


Thousands of people lined the sidewalk at the park, just waiting for us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.


An ice-breaker that we used were the Curved Illusion Tracts from Living Water Publications.

Not only did we show the kids a trick (optical illusion), but we gave them a treat, which was the tract so they could show their family and friends. A gospel message is on the back side.




The Second Harvest Food distribution was held at the First Baptist Church in Lockport, LA. Not only did over 100 people receive baskets of free food, but they also heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The sermon topic was on the History of Halloween. Materials for this sermon were obtained from the website of Answers In Genesis.


In the words of Artie Johnson, “Very interesting.”