November 2018

On November 3rd, the evangelism team of Brett, Joel, Seth, Mike and I went to the Southdown Arts and Crafts show in Houma, Louisiana.


To enter the show, you have to have homemade arts and crafts, or antiques. Nobody has antiques as old as the stuff we brought.


We paid the entrance fee to set up a booth, and we were showing off all of our dinosaur fossil collection for the people to see, touch and hold in their hands. We were there for educational purposes only. Nothing to sell, but we did have some giveaways.


Pull a white stone from the bag and get a piece of coprolite (dinosaur poop). Pull a green stone and get a fish fossil. We gave away about 10 pieces of poop and three fish fossils. One little girl was thrilled to have received a fish fossil.


We were teaching Creation Science vs Evolution. At times we had three presentations going at the same time. We were utilizing a bait and switch technique. Get the kids in the booth by showing the dinosaur stuff, and teach the parents and teenagers on Creation Science.


We laughed and laughed when a little three-year-old boy told his mom that he had to potty. He told her a second time and then dropped his pants and peed in the middle of the booth. I guess he wasn’t kidding.


We estimated that we had approximately 1,100 people come through our booth in an eight-hour period. That is how many gospel tracts we gave away, mostly to people that came through the booth. We even had a line of people waiting to come in.


Toward the end of the day a family of six came in. Two parents and four children. I gave them the tour, and then the kids lost interest, right after the mom and one of the children won their very own piece of poop.


The father lingered on, and I asked him to read the back of the dinosaur tract. He said that he already did, and then stayed an additional fifteen minutes so I could share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him.


It was a great day.




Maureen got sick with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for six days. We both thought that she was going to die, she was that sick.


Her oxygen levels had gone down to 75 percent at times.


Do those of us give thanks to God for the air we breathe? We should.


The emergency room staff at Lady of the Sea Hospital in Galliano, Louisiana did a great job.


While there, a conversation was initiated with one of the emergency room nurses. It was mentioned that as an emergency room nurse that they must deal with life and death on a daily basis. The answer was yes, that they did.


The transition to the gospel: An average of 150,000 people die each and every day. For those of us with a little rhythm (snap fingers), that is almost two people each and every second. So, what do you think is going to happen to you when you die? Heaven or hell?...




On November 17th, First Baptist Church in Lockport, Louisiana was holding their monthly food giveaway through Second Harvest Food Distribution. Over a hundred people received baskets of food donated to them.


Not only are they there to receive food to feed their bodies, they also receive the gospel of Jesus Christ to feed their souls.


The sermon was on the History of Thanksgiving. As Americans, we have so very much to be thankful to God for, little things that we often take for granted.


How many of us give thanks to God for:


The clean air we breathe.

The clean water we drink.

The abundance of food we have to eat.

The clothes on our backs.

The roof over our heads, whether it be in a house, apartment or trailer.

The ability to walk.

Answered prayer, whether it is yes, no, or later.

Etc. etc. etc.