August 2019

Our evangelism team was invited by Matt from First Baptist Church in Golden Meadow to join Liz, Tran, Matt and Bernadette in the Lafourche Parish 'Night Out Against Crime' outreach held on August 06, 2019. This event is held in many different locations throughout Lafourche Parish all on the same night. It was an easy process teaching Law and Grace to the adults in that environment.


Many heard the gospel that night, were invited to FBC Golden Meadow, but none replied. Many are called, but few respond. A thief would not go a barbeque at the jailhouse, nor would a sinner go to church, unless they knew that they would receive a full pardon from their crimes.


At the nursing home in Cut Off we were blessed to hear Thomas preach. Matt led the song service by singing and playing guitar. Jacob accompanied by providing the rhythm.


The evangelism outreach at Nicholls State University kicked off a new academic year. David was going to be a little late because of a doctor’s appointment. While in the exam room, he was refreshing his memory by studying some Scripture. The doctor came in inquiring about the memory verses. He was told about the evangelism ministry at Nicholls. The doctor replied, “So you are the guys who opened Nicholls up to free speech.”


Maureen had gone over to Nicholls to set up for opening day. However, it was family day, and the area in front of the Student Union was packed and the music was blaring. So what do you do? In football jargon, you step back and punt, and try again next week.


The following week, Maureen, Jacob, Thomas, Cody and David were at NSU again, and it was much better. We set up our displays and were teaching genetics to the students, from a biblical worldview. We were teaching from “One Race, One Blood,” from Answers in Genesis. Despite what the U.S. Census Bureau has on their forms, there is only one true race, the human race. If the Bible is true, then there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, but we are all one in Jesus Christ. Many eyes were opened.


It was also the start of the academic year at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond. Thomas and David started off with the chicken and the egg. The plan was to be there for two hours, but Thomas had a Roman Catholic student who had many questions. Thomas ended up taking an extra 45 minutes answering her questions.


We are challenging the students with a biblical worldview versus the secular worldview that they have been indoctrinated with. It is not easy, which is why a thorough knowledge of Scripture is vital. Accompany that with Christian Apologetics, a little knowledge on world religions, and the desire to be all things to all people, in the hope that some may be saved, and you have the makings of an evangelist.


Please keep us in prayer and pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts to receive the gospel. Also, will you consider supporting this ministry so we can GO and reach more people with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ?


Until next month, Lord willing,


Fishers of men, until the nets are full,