February 2019

This was a busy month for evangelism 


Every Wednesday this month we met with the members of Crosspoint Church in Cut Off, LA for evangelism training. We are using “The Way of the Master” basic training course. So far, the training has been going very well.  


Our evangelism team is made up with saints named Jimmy, Seth, Jacob, Thomas, Toby, Asher, Cindy, Maureen and David. We meet every Tuesday at Nicholls State University, meeting in front of the Student Union, for the purpose of an evangelism outreach. 


We’ve been preaching the whole counsel of God, with the aim of repentance toward God and faith and trust in Jesus Christ. We do not utilize “Friendship Evangelism” nor “Lifestyle Evangelism.” We do strive to live holy and righteous lives, but the students only see us for three hours each week. Over a million people die each and every week, and we do not have the time to befriend each and every one of them. We MUST reach as many as we can, in as short a period of time as we can, because people are dying and going to hell. 


Evangelism is having a two-way conversation with someone about Jesus Christ. Since we are the ones who initiate the conversations, we also direct the conversations the way we want it to go. Of course we will answer questions, but we have to be careful not to get on rabbit trails. 


With Easter coming up in April, we often times will ask the students what Easter is all about. Most people do not really know. Sometimes we will get the answer that, “I think it is Jesus’ birthday.” 

It is then that we go into teaching mode. 


Mardi Gras season is upon us. There are a total of 24 Mardi Gras parades in Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes. Can you imagine thousands and thousands of people lining the streets waiting for you to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them? That is exactly what happens at these parades. Our goal is for our team of 22 men and women to hit the streets for evangelism purposes.  


To hit the streets you must have good quality gospel tracts. If the noise is too loud you are not going to get into a good conversation. Let the tract speak for you.  


Do gospel tracts work? Who was the first to use a tract? It was God, when He wrote His commandments in stone for Moses. 


At a local public school, we were able to get into one of the classrooms to teach on fossilization, and refute the idea that it takes millions of years. We discussed the process of trace fossils, petrification, and permineralization. How long does it take to make a rock or sedimentary layer of stone? How long does it take for concrete to set up! 


Not only did we utilize our dinosaur fossils to generate a crowd at the school, but we also use them to generate interest at Nicholls State University and Southeastern Louisiana University. The transition is simple.  


There is only one process where you can have billions of dead things buried in rock layers all over the earth. They had to get covered over rapidly to deprive them of oxygen and protect them from erosion. What worldwide event can you think of? How about a massive worldwide flood? 


So, if God wiped out everything with a massive worldwide flood, why did He do it? Because people were evil and He only found eight people righteous.  


One day you are going to die and have to stand before God. Will He find you righteous? 


Until next month, Lord willing. 

A fisher of men, until the nets are,