March 2019

This month is Mardi Gras in Louisiana.


Thousands and thousands of people lining the streets waiting to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Here are some of the comments: 

“I can’t believe that we are the only ones in the universe.” – Roman Catholic man, 60 yrs. old + 


“Who made God?” – Roman Catholic man, 60 yrs. old + 


“I have never sinned in my entire life.” – Roman Catholic woman, 60 yrs. old+ 


“How did Moses get all those animals on the ark?” – middle aged man 


“Jesus sinned.” – old man who goes to church. 


“I don’t know if there is a heaven and a hell.” – 60+ man, goes to CBC. 


“I don’t share my faith and I will not. That is the job of you, the evangelist.” – woman, Protestant 


“How do we know the Bible is true?” – old man 


“Have you been baptized for your sins?” – 40-year-old female 


“If you are not baptized, you are not going to heaven.” – 40 year old woman 


“The Bible is full of mistakes and contradictions.” – 60+ man, Roman Catholic. 


“The Bible can’t be trusted. It was written by man.” – 60+ man, Roman Catholic 


“I’m a man of science. The universe is eternal.” – 60+ man, Roman Catholic 


“Judge not lest you be judged. I don’t even judge myself. That is up to God.” – 50+ man, C & E Catholic. 


“There is no hell.” – college student 


“If God is a God of love, why is there so much evil in the world? – Young man  


“The universe is billions of years old.” – old man 


“The Bible is full of stories that are fables.” – man who goes to a Protestant church 


“The Ten Commandments are not for today. That was the Old Testament.” Middle aged woman. 


“What about carbon 14 dating? That proves the earth is billions of years old.” – college student 


“What about UFO’s?” – college student 


“All religions lead to God.” – Old man who goes to church 


“I’m a lesbian.” - Lesbian who would not listen to reason. 


“Where did Cain get his wife?” – Young man 


“I’m going to be reincarnated into a horse.” Middle aged woman 


“I think that when I die, that’s it. No heaven or hell, just rot in the ground.” – 20 something man 


“Jesus was a sinner. The Bible says He went to hell.” – 50+ year old man confused with the Apostles Creed. 


“What about the thief on the cross. Where did he go?” – 60+ year old man 


“You’re intolerant. Jesus can’t be the only way to heaven. What about all the other religions?” – middle aged man 


“I believe that when you die you go into a sort of soul sleep.” – 60+ old man 


“When I die, I’ll most likely go to Purgatory.” – Roman Catholic man 


“What happens to aborted babies when they die?” – 40+ year old woman 


“When we die we’ll become angels.” – Catholic man 


“Did Adam have nipples?” – Young man 


“Do Satan and his demons punish people in hell?” – young man 


“I’m gonna kick Satan’s ass.” – young man 


“Satan has no power over me. I bind him in the name of Jesus.” – 50 year old woman 


“Get away from me. I don’t want to talk to you.” – young woman 


“Go f… yourself.” - Young woman 


“You guys are a bunch of f…..g a……s.” - drunk middle aged man 


“No thanks. I’m good.” – heard over and over and over again by many people 


“I’m going to heaven because I go to FBC Larose.” – old man 


“Who are you, because nobody would be doing this unless they were a Christian.” – Old woman 


“Isn’t Easter Jesus’ birthday?” – 16 year old boy 


“I think when I die that’s it. I’ll just rot in the ground.” – college aged man, atheist 


“I suffer from depression, PTSD, and I’ve thought about suicide.” – young man 


“No, Jesus’ death wasn’t enough. I have to pay for my sins in Purgatory.” – middle aged woman 


“I’m in Hell right now.” – middle aged woman drinking with friends prior to a Mardi Gras parade. 


“Hey, would you like some Grilliads?” – middle aged man cooking on the grill. 


“I’m going to heaven.” “I’m going to heaven.” “I’m going to Heaven.” “I’m going to Purgatory.” – from a group 


“I’m a Christian. I just don’t go to church.” – older man 


“How do we know there is a God?” – male college student 


“Where did God come from?” – male college student 


“Didn’t life come from outer space?” – female college student 


“What about panspermia?” – female college student 


“The appendix and tonsils are evidence for evolution.” – male college student 


“I’m not sure what Easter is about.” – middle aged man 


“I don’t go to church anymore. Did you hear about the priests in the news?” – older man 



The encouraging comments: 


“God bless you for what you are doing on the streets.” – Former Moslem woman 


“I need to learn more from you guys.” – old man who heard about Seth and David’s ministry at NSU 


“For most people, this is heaven, if they end up in Hell. But for us who are going to Heaven, this is our Hell.” – woman 


“It is wonderful what you guys are doing.” – middle aged woman 


“Yes. I will give this some serious thought.” – middle aged man 


“I’ve never heard the gospel like this before. This makes sense. Now I understand what Easter is about.” – older man 


 “I’m going to put my faith and trust in Jesus right now!” – several people 


And a report from a friend: 


After members of their church were evangelizing on the streets, this church leader said, “I think we now have a New Testament Church.”   


We finished up our evangelism course at Crosspoint Church. Seven people passed the course. YAY!!! Now to take what they learned and apply it to a lost and dying world. We have plenty of events planned to get some hands-on training. 


At FBC Golden Meadow, we were invited to make a brief presentation on Creation Science and evangelism to about 40 youths during Friday Night Live. I had fun making that presentation, and we even had a game of chance to see who could possibly win a piece of polished dino poop (coprolite) or even a fish fossil. Several were give out. 


We started off this month with bringing all of our dinosaur fossils to First Baptist Church in Golden Meadow for Friday Night Live. The topic was evangelism and how to start a conversation. There were about 40 young people who attended, as well as the older men and women, to see how we go from teaching on dinosaur fossils to Jesus Christ.  

Actually, with a little bit of creativity, we demonstrated how to use a piece of string to lead to a conversation about Jesus Christ. It was a great night. Thanks to Thomas, Matt, and the leadership of First Baptist Church in Golden Meadow for inviting us. 


We went to Nicholls State University (NSU) on Tuesdays and Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) on Thursdays. We were using an eye quickness chart and chickens to draw in the students so we could start a conversation with them.  

Again, the goal is to challenge their secular worldview with a biblical worldview, and point them to the cross of Jesus Christ. The gospel is offensive enough to those that are perishing without us being offensive as well. We do our best not to be like the other groups that go to these colleges and yell at the students, telling them that they are all going to Hell. 

We don’t tell students that they are going to Hell. They tell us that themselves. We have to be very compassionate, because “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (John 3:18) 

People start off condemned. We have to have compassion and attempt to rescue them from their plight because they are blind and dead in their sins. It does no good to yell at a blind man because he cannot see the truth, and it is foolish to think that we can resurrect a dead man. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. 

More to come, Lord willing. 

Fishers of men, until the nets are full,