January 2019

This was a great month.  


We received a pallet of gospel booklets, “What Time Is Purple”, from Wretched TV in Alpharetta, Georgia… for FREE. The only stipulation was that we would have to pay for shipping and give out all of the booklets. We ordered 10,000 booklets costing us $522.01 in shipping charges.  


Why so many? Because Nicholls State University has 6,500 registered students and Southeastern Louisiana University has 14,500 registered students. The team at SLU is led by David and Kathy Grantham and the team at NSU is lead by David and Maureen Robert. 

One day while at SLU I met a man named Russell from New Orleans. I shared the gospel with him and when I told him that, “You broke the law, and Jesus paid your fine,” the look on his face changed. He had the look of illumination, that the light went on and that he understood. After talking with Russell, I gave him some literature to read. He then extended his hand and grabbing mine, pulled me to himself and gave me a big bear hug, lasting several seconds.  


He thanked me over and over again. 


Besides the evangelism outreach at SLU, we started another evangelism course, this time with Crosspoint Church. We are utilizing “The Way of the Master” basic training course. This is an eight week course to get people the basics in evangelism.  


In Covington, LA., the Louisiana Baptist Association was holding a two day evangelism conference at FBC, Covington. I was skeptical at first, but this proved to be a very interesting conference. The best part was meeting with pastor Rowdy Scott and his wife from Lutcher, LA. They have a son who attends NSU who has met with us on the campus outside of the Student Union already. Chance, or Providence? 


Our team, made up with saints named Jimmy, Seth, Maureen, Cindy, Thomas, Jacob, Toby, Asher and David, meet regularly at NSU on Tuesdays. We challenge the students with morality problems, scientific problems, Creation Science, logic and reason complications, philosophical discussions, all leading to a conversation about Jesus Christ.  


The goal is not to get the students to make a decision for Jesus. Our aim is repentance toward God and faith and trust in Jesus Christ. 


Fishers of men, until the nets are full,