September 2019

God has been so gracious to us. The weather has been perfect here in South Louisiana allowing our team of dedicated laborers to GO to the harvests fields and proclaim Jesus Christ to the lost.


We again were targeting the state universities, Nicholls State University (NSU) in Thibodaux, Louisiana, and Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) in Hammond, Louisiana. We started the month off with our team going to NSU and asking the question, “Is it wrong to torture babies to death for fun?” This question was borrowed from Matt Slick at Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM). Matt used this in an interview with an atheist. The atheist, because he does not believe in God as the absolute standard of morality, cannot make this judgment. He cannot say it is wrong, because his standard for morality is based on an arbitrary man’s law.


So, we asked this question to some students at NSU. Cooper, an atheist with a Jewish background, did not like the question and he loves to debate us. He enjoyed the debate, but did not like it when God’s standard, the Law of Moses, was applied to him.


Jacob was engaging the students by handing out the gospel tract, “Are you a good person,” which applies the Ten Commandments to our own lives so we can examine ourselves. Thomas artfully was appealing to the conscience of the sinner pointing them to Jesus Christ. Seth was doing the same, and emphasizing that if morality was tied to man’s law, who is to say that it is wrong to murder if you have historical leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung or Joseph Stalin? Even Lance got into the discussion when a student wanted his opinion. Lance did not give it, but instead preached biblical truth that murder is wrong because God says it is wrong.

After we were done at NSU, we had our debrief at Chick-Fil-A on campus and asked God to work on these students’ hearts.


David was sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with two young ladies at NSU. When he got done talking to them, he said, “Now you know more than many Protestants and ALL Catholic priests.” And the young ladies responded with, “Like that one,” pointing to a Catholic priests ten feet away who was passing out flowers in honor of a dead Roman Catholic saint.

Every other Sunday the saints from First Baptist Church in Golden Meadow meet at the local nursing home. Matt sang with his father Cleveland Chouest. Cleveland is also the grandfather of one of our team, Jacob Chouest.


Life is fragile and we do not know the appointed time of our deaths. Cleveland’s was one month later, two weeks after he was able to witness two of his brothers get baptized by Matt.


At SLU, Thomas and David were again asking the question about torturing babies for fun. This opened a whole big can of worms. David Grantham open air preached for a second time, and our topic spilled over to his, leading to a discussion on abortion. Things got a little heated on the part of a young lady who David suspects had an abortion previously. About 150 students were present and engaged in this discussion about life and abortion.


It continued as Thomas and David were packing up their things and preparing to leave. They went over to say goodbye to David, Kathy and Alex, when more students came over and wanted to further discuss the banner on torturing babies. A male student wanted to know if that banner was about abortion, which it was not necessarily. But, the discussion on abortion did continue for another hour as more students showed up and joined in on the conversation.


In preparation for the New Orleans Saints home games, David and Maureen had a cookout at their home for the evangelists to practice open air preaching. Three hours prior to the Saints games, members of Sports Fan Outreach International (SFOI) hit the streets in New Orleans on the corner of Garot and Layola Street. Fifteen-year-old Kye got hooked up with a one-minute script to practice while wired to the amplifier. Mike was walking the backyard simulating the crowd. Matt even got on the step to practice, while Kye and David acted like the hostile crowd. The lesson was, whatever happens, preach the gospel.


An entertaining topic at NSU was on, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This is a topic on origins. Lots of students have an opinion on this, which most have not thought through. Many come over to see what we are doing because they want to see if our chickens are real. The Bible says in Genesis, chapter 1 that God created all of the fowl on day five of Creation Week.


The origin of the universe is often a hot topic. Of the 66 books in the Bible, the most attacked one is Genesis. From that book, the first 11 chapters are often looked at as being akin to a myth, fable or legend, but not historical fact. So many times we hear, “What about the dinosaurs?”


A research trip to the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts took place in September. David and Maureen visited with Kornell Nash from Nash’s Dinosaur Quarry and Rock Shop. David had a meteorite for Kornell to examine. He was also searching for a particular slab of stone which showed ripples made by moving water. Kornell came up with one that has a Dilophosaurus print in with the water ripples. Discussed with Kornell were geology, topography, evolution, Special Creation and astronomy.


A study was taken place at the Dinosaur Footprints Park in Holyoke, Massachusetts. From the banks of the Connecticut River are sedimentary rock inlaid with hundreds of dilophosaurus footprints. All but one footprint was aimed uphill. Only a small print was found leading downhill. Under the top layer of sedimentary rock was discovered a rippled layer which indicated that it was caused by water. This was confirmed by Kornell. Could this have been formed by a massive worldwide flood about 4367 years ago? Creation scientists agree that it was.


A week later, the Cut Off Youth Center was holding a Hurricane Festival. GATE participated by setting up a booth and teaching Creation Science. Many festival goers entered the booth and were taught by Kye, Jacob and David. The goal was to teach on Genesis, point them to a Creator, God, and then proclaim Jesus Christ. About a dozen people asked if we could recommend a good church and were directed over to Crosspoint Church, who also had a booth set up for the fair.


Our team went to New Orleans for 3 hours prior to the Saints game to distribute gospel tracts and to open air preach. Hundreds of tracts were given out to the sports fans, and even 15 year old Kye got up on the box to preach. It was a good day of fellowship with Zoe, Jack, Tom, Jimmy, Kye, Jacob and David.

My desire is that God will be glorified by our feeble attempts to proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ.


A side note: Please prayerfully consider financially contributing to this parachurch ministry. Our goal is to train and equip a labor force to GO and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Until next month, Lord willing,


Fishers of men, until the nets are full,