September 2018

Maureen and David went on a trip to learn more about Creation Science by visiting the Creation Science Museum and the Ark Encounter, both in Kentucky.


We stayed at each exhibit one whole day, absorbing as much material as we could.

While outside at the zoo on the grounds of the Ark Encounter, heavy rain and hail was reported as headed our way. We ducked for cover in the bookstore at the Ark Encounter. A conversation was started with a store employee, and it was discovered that missionaries receive 40% off on books and materials.


Answers in Genesis has an abundance of great learning materials. We purchased many books and DVD’s for loan to those associated with Grace and Truth Evangelism. Just ask.



From there, it was travelling to Massachusetts to visit with Kornell Nash at Nash’s Dinosaur Tracks in Granby, Massachusetts. Kornell’s is the only place in the United States where you can purchase REAL dinosaur tracks right off of the shelf.


His old shop is really cool. He was gracious enough to spend 2 ½ hours with us explaining his tracks, how they are formed, how he finds them, and how he extracts them.


If there are any questions as to their authenticity, just walk about a hundred feet behind the shop to the quarry where you can see them yourselves.


Of course, we had to purchase some more materials from Kornell to be used for our Creation Science displays that we use for teaching.



While in Massachusetts, we went to the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Massachusetts.


This is an annual state fair, for all of the New England states, that lasts two weeks each September.


We went there on a Monday. It was reported in the local newspaper that on the previous Saturday, the one-day attendance record was broken, 172,000 people.


While there, we “attempted” to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with some people. This was very difficult, as the New England states are very liberal and you would have thought I was speaking a foreign language to them. Most people did not even want to look us in the eye.

Is it possible that most of these people have never been confronted with their own mortality? That one day they are going to die and have to stand before God? That they, whether they like it or not, are going to be JUDGED?


We did find one booth at this enormous fair of two Christian men who were spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sharing that booth was a woman that was giving away bibles for free. It was good news to hear that they had run out of bibles, and that they had more coming.



The evangelism outreach ministry at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux is underway. Weather permitting, we’ve been meeting outside of the Student Union every Tuesday.


The students there are very engaging and generally friendly towards our evangelism team, which were Thomas, Jimmy, Jacob, Maureen, Cindy, Seth and David. Hundreds of gospel tracts were given out, and many one-on-one conversations about Jesus Christ took place.