Board of Directors

David Robert, Evangelist

a.k.a. President

I just happen to have a big mouth and a heart for the lost.


Maureen Robert, Evangelist   a.k.a. Treasurer

- Maureen Robert, evangelist, a.k.a. Tre

Michael Hotard, Evangelist a.k.a.Vice President

-Mike Hotard, Evangelist, a.k.a. Vice Pr

Jimmy Leblanc, Evangelist

a.k.a. Mr. Secretary

"Did you get one of these? It's a gospel tract" 

-Jimmy Leblanc, evangelist, a.k.a. Mr. S
Brett Bourg
Cindy Richmond
Jacob Chouest
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Jacob Chouest.JPG
Josh Reed
Seth Griffin
Thomas Cheramie
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Spiritual Advisor

Matthew Chouest, Pastor, First Baptist C
Matthew Chouest
Pastor, First Baptist Church
 Golden Meadow, LA
The Webmaster
"The brains behind it all"
Webmaster - the brains behind it all.jpg